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Hi! I'm Kelly Rompel.

I am a licensed doctor of pharmacy and a holistic health coach, and happily married Mom of my 2 little girls, Mia and Ryann. I suffered from high functioning anxiety for many many years. I embraced the “type A”, perfectionist, overachiever that I was but I was tired of letting my HFA control my life. The constant racing thoughts, the constant goal setting, to-do list making, never stopping, always on the go and never relaxed. Sound familiar? It’s exhausting! Whether I liked to admit it or not, it was taking a toll on my health, business, and relationships. I knew it was time to change.

I combined my pharmacy knowledge with my holistic health coaching practices and personal experiences and now teach other female entrepreneurs how to take control of their high functioning anxiety so that they can thrive in their business AND personal lives. As a busy entrepreneur and Mom, I understand how stressful it can be to juggle everything! I get it and you are not alone. You've come to the right place!

Kelly Rompel

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