Kelly Rompel
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Is anxiety the boss of you?

It’s time to cut that out.

Really though, anxiety doesn't have to ruin your business and your personal life. It is possible to take control of your anxiety and actually USE it to THRIVE in your business. That’s right, anxiety is not always a bad thing! I’ve been there. I felt like it ran my life and I HAD NO CONTROL. I was extra good at hiding it though, or at least I thought I was. A smile that covered up the constant internal struggle to be successful and perfect. I was a chronic overachiever who used accomplishments and “busy” as a badge of honor. I suffered from high functioning anxiety and didn't even know it for years…

I’m Kelly, Pharmacist turned Holistic Health Coach who now teaches female entrepreneurs how to THRIVE with anxiety. I suffered for as long as I can remember with anxiety that manifested into physical symptoms over-achievement that eventually led to chronic toxic stress and adrenal fatigue. Hello rock bottom. Long story short, my struggle now brings me strength as I coach women just like you who are ready to stop letting anxiety hold them back from their true potential. I don’t have to tell you how paralyzing anxiety can be or how much of a dream killer it is. You know all too well how badly it feels to be trapped in your own mind and feel completed STUCK. Until now…

I developed the Healthy Hustle program from my professional education and personal experience and honestly because I wish it existed for me back when I was struggling. It’s like a road-map to guide you step by step through your journey of uncovering the cause of your anxiety, learning the necessary coping skills and developing the tools needed to use your anxiety to your advantage. Yes, it has its benefits, you just have to uncover and use them!

I would love to work with you one on one and teach you exactly what took me years and years to learn plus a lot of money and time wasted. The Healthy Hustle Program is perfect for you if you are a female entrepreneur who is READY for change. You're ready to stop letting your anxiety hold you back. You're ready to use your anxiety to propel your business forward. You ready? Let’s do this!

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I have developed a complete program based on my personal and professional experience to take you step-by-step from overwhelmed and stuck to the calm and confident entrepreneur you are meant to be. My goal isn't to change you, but to give you the tools you need to start using your HFA to your advantage.

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