Your Anxiety is Ruining your Business…and your Life!

You hate to admit it, but it is.

Anxiety makes everything more difficult; your personal life, social situations, and especially running your business. Maybe you are the successful entrepreneur who is hiding behind a fake smile and struggling silently with anxiety. Perhaps you have an amazing business idea that you just can’t get off the ground because you are paralyzed by anxiety. You are not alone. Anxiety is much more common than people want to admit and is even more common with entrepreneurs. That’s because we have a ton of pressure on us. We chose a path in life that requires a shit ton of dedication, is high risk, and has a high failure rate. Hello stress!

You’re tired of band-aids and want real solutions.

You’ve visited numerous doctors, hoping for a solution! Within minutes of entering the office, you leave with another prescription that makes you feel groggy, robs you of creativity, and leaves you looking for another solution. Once again, you feel frustrated because you have yet to find a solution to your problem.

So how do we fix it?

GET TO THE ROOT CAUSE. Stop covering it up, stop ignoring it, and take real action to fix your anxiety! Anxiety is your body’s way of communicating a problem to you, just like any other illness or disease. The symptoms we experience are meant to get our attention, and man do they ever!

There are 3 MAIN causes of anxiety: chemical, situational/circumstantial, and learned behavior.

By chemical cause relates to your body chemistry being off-balance. The most common chemical causes I see are gut issues, adrenal fatigue, vitamin deficiency, and sleep deprivation. Situational causes can be difficult to fix but we can learn to cope with what we can’t change. Meditation, exercise, and journaling are my favorite and most effective ways of coping with anxiety. Did you know exercise can reduce anxiety within five minutes? I always tell myself, give it five minutes, and if you don’t feel better, you can stop. I find more often than not that I don’t stop and have yet to regret a workout.

Learned behavior is not something we can change, but we can break the cycle. I am personally committed to not teaching my daughters my anxious ways! Being aware of our anxious habits and knowing when we need to break away and “cope” is critical to overcoming anxiety.

So, were do you start?

My Healthy Hustle Program is a step-by-step approach to uncovering the root cause of your anxiety. I LOVE peeling back the layers of my clients to get to the bottom of what is causing their anxiety. In most cases, a lot of people have NO idea what is causing their anxiety! Being able to uncover the REAL problem is so satisfying and provides them with a ton of relief.

The FIRST thing I do with my clients is recommend vitamins and supplements to help reduce symptoms of anxiety. Yes, vitamins CAN help. Very simply, our body requires certain vitamins in order to produce the happy/calming chemicals in our body. Serotonin, GABA, Tryptophan, are some of these, just to name a few. If you are deficient in these vitamins, your body isn’t producing these good chemicals like it should. The result? Anxiety and depression. While this is just one piece of the puzzle, it is a very important one.

I help to customize a vitamin and supplement regimen for my clients, but you can grab my free Vitamins for Anxiety eBook HERE. Get started with some of the beneficial vitamins I recommend and personally take to help reduce my symptoms of anxiety.

Vitamins are not always the cure-all, but they are an essential start to living an anxiety-free life. Grab your free eBook and start THRIVING in your life today!




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